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Spice It Up

The end of “soup month” is fast approaching.  We’ve taken pleasure in dining on soup so much this month.  The weather brought several polar-like days and those hot, steamy, comforting bowls of soup warmed us through and through.  I doubt … Continue reading

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Orange & Onion Salad

I hope you are enjoying my “orange” month as much as I am.  I’m having such a good time creating all these recipes with orange as an ingredient. It is difficult for me to avoid making mostly sweets, but my … Continue reading

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Orange Cheesecake

This year to a great extent I was more than ready to ring in a new year.  I think maybe I like the sound of 2012 better than 2011.  Possibly it’s because 2011 was not a great year in many … Continue reading

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Secretly Simple Croutons

My head is stuffy, so stuffy it’s exhausting to breathe.  No bueno!  I’m sure it will be gone soon…I’m medicating with antibiotics and stuff said to unstuff ones nose.  It all started when I awoke early Saturday with a scratchy … Continue reading

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Fair Food

“Howdy folks, and welcome to the great state fair of Texas”, spoken by none other than Big Tex, the oversized icon with his commanding presence, booming voice and 10 gallon hat.  His voice resounds over the grounds of the “State … Continue reading

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Broccoli & The Boss

My father-in-law, whom I love dearly because he makes me laugh, can be a bit bossy at times.  Occasionally it is warranted that he show his bossiness other times not so much.  I usually go along because after all I’m … Continue reading

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A Million Dollar Cat & Muffins

We all have them from time to time; those worrisome events in our lives that turn life upside down or inside out.  This week was upside down for me.  I am a soft hearted animal lover and this week I’ve … Continue reading

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My 7 Links

I like this game.  Thank you to Ryan for tagging me to play.  If you’ve not seen her blog give it a look it’s called Ryan Bakes and you’ll love what you see there.  She’s part Italian and part southern, … Continue reading

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City Bees

Check out the City Bees story under – Bees & Honey – My Bees Have Arrived – City Bees. Stay tuned for tomorrows scrumptious summer potato salad recipe!

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What A Nice Surprise

The Versatile Blogger Award What a nice surprise to be handed the Versatile Blogger Award by Ryan at http://www.ryanbakes.com.  I’ve enjoyed her delightful blog for a while now and am honored that she crowned me with this award.  Check out … Continue reading

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