“The Bee Yard”

Today it was decided exactly where the “bee yard” will be constructed.  This is not major construction!  We will be installing a few fence panels, some chicken wire (more on that in a minute), a gate, and a few cinder blocks for the hives to sit upon.  The fence will also get a fresh coat of shiny, new paint.

The hives front door will face east so that when the sun comes up the bees wake up and get out and about.  I think it will also prevent north winds from blowing into their hive.

They will have their own private yard because I want them to have the best  🙂 and to prevent Fancy, our horse, and our dogs Ziggy and Beckley from knocking them over.  We will be attaching chicken wire all around to try and prevent critters such as skunk, opossum, and raccoons from disturbing the bees.  I’ve been told that these sneaky critters will bang on the outside of a hive until the bees curiosity gets the best of them and they peek their heads out to see what’s going on and then the critters eat them.  Crazy!

Here is photo of where we will build the “bee yard”.  Do you think they will be pleased with their view?

4 Responses to “The Bee Yard”

  1. Wow! Great place for the bees. The water is important because they drink a lot!

  2. Nancy Gay says:

    Looks great! Sounds like those bees will have a happy environment for their home.

    I will come visit them when they are established.

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