Welcome to The Orange Bee.  My name is Linda and I write this blog.  4 years ago I began this blog as a way to preserve my recipes and long time love of cooking along with documenting my new hobby of beekeeping.  Sharing my passion for food together with beekeeping, as well as educating my readers about the importance of bees to food is what The Orange Bee is all about.

Recently my husband, also known as, my man Dan; and I relocated from country life in Texas to city life in North Carolina.  As empty nesters we are soaking up all Greensboro and the surrounding area has to offer.  Local beer, divine wineries, farmers markets, an abundance of restaurants, many offering local foods and beverages and a beautiful countryside to boot.

This new experience is broadening my appetite as I discover local fare different from that in Texas.  Beginning beekeeping adventures in a new state has its own set of challenges, which I embrace.  I am looking forward to starting new hives early in May and learning about how the different climate and terrain affect my new bee colonies.

The year of 2014 is completely new for me.  All of my recipe posts this year will include honey. I’ve also added Friday Fun Fact posts to educate about bees, honey, the benefits of honey and a bit of information about bees and their behavior.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading your comments so please take a moment and leave me one.  If you enjoy reading The Orange Bee – tell a friend!

2 Responses to About

  1. thefolia says:

    Happy harvesting and feasting!

  2. annemonson@sbcglobal.net says:

    Hi Linda,
    Remember May 2011 when you and Dan removed Queen Anne and her friends from Rincon Way in Dallas? They had moved into a sprinkler system box across the street. Well, they are back and I need another Linda-to-the-rescue. I am hoping you still have bee friends here who will do what you did—again. Can’t wait to try the flan.

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