Bee Thinking

Yesterday I received a mail order catalog from one of the bee keeper companies.  Today I picked it up to start scouring the pages and circling all the items I need (aka want).  I remain a tad confused about how to build the best hives.  There are numerous possibilities, and of course I want the most appropriate one for my precious bees.  I believe I have decided what sizes and how high to stack them and lucky for me adoring hubby is happy to assemble a hive here and a frame there.  That is just the tip of the iceberg however, there are multitudes of choices regarding putting together a hive.

I bumped into a fellow bee keeper a few days ago while our temps were unseasonably cold – truly downright arctic, and he informed me he was covering his hives with blankets and tarps during these below freezing temps.  I’m sure I will do the same when my bees arrive and temperatures are ridiculously cold.  For some of you these chilly days are the norm for February but in Texas this is not normal.  Just another detail to consider, keeping the bees happy during extreme cold or heat.

I mentioned to a fellow fitness instructor that I’d be housing bees in the near future and her comment was, “maybe you’ll make some lip balm?”.  Well of course I began to think, “will I”?  I do not have a definitive answer for that today, but I will say it is feasible.  I know if I were to attempt lip balm made with beeswax that the first flavor out of the hatch will be “orange”.

Besides thinking of delicious food to prepare and blog about I am quite engrossed in understanding bees and raising happy hives.  I am already looking for recipes that use honey so when I am producing my honey I can experiment.  It is hard to trump a hot, fluffy biscuit slathered in butter and honey, but I’ll be searching for other exceptional ways to eat and use honey.

Back to the bee catalog and to pore over more particulars regarding the operation of bees and honey making.  Thinking……

If you know about bee keeping and have suggestions for me I’d be happy to hear them. Feel free to share.

2 Responses to Bee Thinking

  1. Vickie Moses says:

    I heard on TV the other day (Dr. Oz) that honey is the best thing you can put on a burn. I can’t give you any reasons, but I bet you can do some research and find out why. It was about two weeks ago and it just hit me that I needed to tell you! If I hear anything else about bees or honey, I’ll let you know.
    Love ya!

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