The Heidi Hive

Halleluia!  I found my queen.  I’m considering naming her Heidi because she was hiding when I was looking for her on Sunday.  Mr. Floyd was just as concerned as I was about not finding her so he came by around 4 in the afternoon on Monday when it was nice and warm and sunny.  I was feeling a little down and distressed thinking we’d introduced the hospital girls to her too soon and perhaps they’d not accepted her.  I mean I know the life of a bee is not long but the thought of murder taking place in my hives was too much!

It felt miraculous – we pulled out the second frame and were commenting on the drones, those are the guys,  how big they are when I spotted her.  You can see her photo taken previously on the page titled “All Hail The Queen”.  She looks the same but maybe fatter and healthy too.  It is suspected that she is full of eggs and will keep my hive very strong and vigorous.  After having pulled out 24 frames Sunday and not seeing her it was splendid to see on her the second frame removed.  Well, in all honesty it would have been splendid to see her on the 24th frame.

Now that all is well in the bee yard let’s talk about the mail order queens.  I cannot have mail order queens shipped before late April.  Fed Ex will not deliver live bees – now why do you think that is?  UPS and the U.S. Postal service will.  I’m not sure to which of these I should entrust the privilege of shipping and handling my precious cargo.  It’s the handling part I’m most concerned about!  Based on the time frame of shipping however, I may not need to address this issue yet.

Wow, I would have never guessed that I would be experiencing so many aspects of bee keeping in the first few weeks.  But since I am learning so much Mr. Floyd has decided I need a third hive – I’m ready!  I am anticipating an abundance of honey.  The notion of spending late summer days, pouring sticky, sweet honey into short, fat jars is quite appealing.  I’m especially yearning for that first taste of honey, slurped from a piece of fresh comb still warm from the sun.  Sticky, gooey, glorious, golden goodness.  Mmmm..mmmm…  that will be a day worth writing about – no doubt.

Stay tuned…



4 Responses to The Heidi Hive

  1. Lin Ann says:

    Yay! Hail the queen!

  2. connor says:

    hi its connor

    i love reading about your bee-ventures, and i love the stories about your hives. i cant wait to hear about your new hive and all its new wonders. I hope the next time im in Texas you can teach me about what you do. I cant wait for your next post,


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