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Birthdays, Birds & Bees

The birthday celebration was fabulous.  In fact it was so fabulous that we didn’t shoot many photos.  We were immersed in party mode.  I am sorry to say I won’t be posting pictures of the evening.  I will tell you … Continue reading

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Cake & Champagne

Ahhhh…..cake and champagne.  Is there any finer food or beverage with which to celebrate a birthday?  I think not.  I wrote previously about my oldest daughter and her birthday cake request.  LuLu’s birthday will be celebrated tonight.  The cake is … Continue reading

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Compelled To Bake

Today was one of those glorious days.  Chilly, well actually downright cold this morning. A frosty 28* that evolved to a sunny 65* matchless day.  It reminds me why we all welcome “spring” when she blows in.  Meantime it is … Continue reading

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