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I’m Running Away From Home

Only joking!  But if I were, I’d tie some of these Monster Cookies up in a red bandana and throw them in my knapsack. These cookies could stand in for a meal!  Filling, full of fiber – oatmeal, nuts – … Continue reading

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A Cookie To Share

I am not one to share my food, especially if it is sweet.  Well, truthfully I don’t like to share my food ever!  Not sure why.  You know when you go to a restaurant and everyone orders differently, offering others … Continue reading

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Sweet Treat Party

What could be better than a party full of “Sweet Treats”?  I can’t think of a thing!  Lisa at “Sweet As Sugar Cookies” invited me to join her party with that delicious Orange Cheesecake.  I love a party and I … Continue reading

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Chinese Christmas Gift

I recently posted a cookie recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies https://theorangebee.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/one-batch-of-cookies/#more-2356 and talked about how I wanted to bake more cookies for the Christmas season.  I did it!  I had an ulterior motive for baking cookies, not that we don’t like … Continue reading

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One Batch Of Cookies

Ahhhh, tis’ the season – for baking cookies.  Have you ever hosted a “cookie exchange”?  Every year I consider hosting one but I’ve never followed through with it.  And to remain status quo, I’m not hosting one this year either. … Continue reading

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A Cookie To Share

I may never bake another regular sized chocolate chip cookie again.  I admit I am a sweets fanatic and these giant size cookies are just my style.  I can eat only one and be completely satisfied.   These cookies are … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter on the Brain

For some reason I couldn’t get Peanut Butter Cookies off my brain this week.  I finally succumbed to the thought and baked a batch of PB cookies.  We needed a little something sweet for lunchbox treats this week anyway.  My … Continue reading

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It’s A Snap

Yikes, since we finished off that luscious cheesecake so quickly I needed,  yes I said, “needed”, to bake something sweet!  I decided on gingersnaps.  As I write, the first batch is in the oven and I’m going to tell you … Continue reading

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At It Again

It is May – right?  I thought so, however our warm, spring like weather has turned unseasonably cold and wet.  Temperatures the last two days have been in the 40’s and that is just not like May in Texas.  We … Continue reading

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Time To Celebrate

Today we begin a new era in my home – Miss T officially passed her driving test and was awarded with a drivers license.  She was warned by the nice, white haired lady, sporting two pair of glasses, one on … Continue reading

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