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Strawberry Ugly Cake

First of all, let me say I am so happy sitting at my desk writing a blog post!  Do you ever have those weeks where life just takes over and you have no choice but to put aside the things you … Continue reading

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What A Nice Surprise

The Versatile Blogger Award What a nice surprise to be handed the Versatile Blogger Award by Ryan at http://www.ryanbakes.com.  I’ve enjoyed her delightful blog for a while now and am honored that she crowned me with this award.  Check out … Continue reading

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I hope you will laugh with me over this one!  I was clearly perplexed with the semi-failure of the ginger snaps in my post It’s A Snap.  After posting the recipe, my mind kept going over the amount of flour … Continue reading

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Cheese Please

Cheesecake, that is!  If you’ve followed my blog you already know this past weekend was a big time at The Orange Bee.  Miss T was celebrating her 17th birthday – a little early.  I am tickled that she requested cheesecake … Continue reading

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For The Love of Lemon

Welcome my friends!  My apologies for having been gone so many days.  This past week did not allow time for me to join you here, at The Orange Bee.  My absence has been at the forefront of my thoughts everyday. … Continue reading

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Piece of Cake

I was craving chocolate cake.  I do not know why but I was.  It could be because I spotted this recipe in a magazine while I was waiting for a slow leaking tire to be repaired.  I was hungry, the … Continue reading

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Birthdays, Birds & Bees

The birthday celebration was fabulous.  In fact it was so fabulous that we didn’t shoot many photos.  We were immersed in party mode.  I am sorry to say I won’t be posting pictures of the evening.  I will tell you … Continue reading

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Cake & Champagne

Ahhhh…..cake and champagne.  Is there any finer food or beverage with which to celebrate a birthday?  I think not.  I wrote previously about my oldest daughter and her birthday cake request.  LuLu’s birthday will be celebrated tonight.  The cake is … Continue reading

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Compelled To Bake

Today was one of those glorious days.  Chilly, well actually downright cold this morning. A frosty 28* that evolved to a sunny 65* matchless day.  It reminds me why we all welcome “spring” when she blows in.  Meantime it is … Continue reading

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