An Amusing Visitor

Last year, in the spring I looked out one day to see a Roadrunner in my yard.  Upon daily observation I came to realize he was actually living in the area.  He had been seen by a few neighbors, peering in windows, drinking from swimming pools or tanks and sitting atop chimneys.  In the beginning he was a little frightened by barking dogs in my yard but learned that their bark was worse than their bite and made his away around the yard on an almost daily basis.  He ate tons of grasshoppers in late summer and entertained me with his antics.  Peeking into the window of my bedroom, hopping all over the swing set and fort in the back yard, preening himself while perched on the lounge chairs and drinking from the bird bath, pouncing from the fence to grab a treat.  Always bringing a laugh when he’d decide to run for the pasture or the yard next door.  He looks just like the cartoon roadrunner with the dust circling his short legs, appearing to run as if pedaling his feet.  We nicknamed him Beep…well actually it is not clear if Beep is male or female.  Beep was often heard making descending cooing sounds, much like a mourning dove but descending in pitch.  I figure he or she was calling for a mate.

When the weather turned colder I didn’t see him as much, even though I’d read he is a year round resident in this part of Texas.  I missed his antics and wondered if we’d see him again.

A couple of weeks ago adoring hubby and I had just waked and were enjoying a few extra minutes of quiet in the bed before we headed to the kitchen for our daily cup of joe. Adoring hubby gazing out the windows pointed and whispered, “look”.  I slowly turned my head to see Beep standing on the rock table outside our bedroom windows peering in as if to say, “Hey, remember me?  I’m baaaack”.  Then he hopped down on his short legs and pedal stepped a few feet away, looking back to see if he’d missed anything.  A big smile spread across my groggy face.  It was delightful to see him again, knowing that I’ll have a spring and summer of watching his goofy Roadrunner self racing across the yard, gobbling down grasshoppers and hopefully snakes too, cooing for a friend, and checking to see if the bed is made or not at least once a week.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to hear him in the hedges on the property line and caught sight of him heading across the front yard.  I quietly slipped out the front door and planted my self, still as a statue, camera in hand, at the edge of the porch, hidden behind a large bridal wreath bush.  I aimed the camera to the yard and watched him make his way towards where I was waiting.  Sure enough he headed right for me and I was able to shoot these photos of him.  He saw me and diverted his path away a little, but took his time to swallow a grasshopper before racing to the other side of the yard.  I snickered a little so as not to frighten him and returned indoors to show off my photos of Beep.  I hope you enjoy them.  The Orange Bee truly lives in the world of “The Birds and The Bees”.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Stay tuned…

8 Responses to An Amusing Visitor

  1. Nancy Howe says:

    Beep has my legs………….

  2. Sondra says:

    beep beep >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Lin Ann says:

    Great photos! You are so lucky to capture the last photo and I LOVE it! Even luckier to have this little guy or girl around, he or she seems happy there.

  4. Tommy says:


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