A Cup With A View

3 Responses to A Cup With A View

  1. Sammye says:

    We booked our flights this week! now all the planning and booking for accomodations, etc.

    So excited! Loving your blog!

    • lgw13 says:

      Fantastic! Flying into and out of ?? Thanks for reading my blog – glad you like it.

      • Sammye says:

        Flying into Venice. Out of Rome. Skeletal trip is pretty well complete.
        Venice 3/4 nights
        Dolomites, Lake Como area 3 nights. Possible Switzerland?
        Cinque Terra. 4 nights.
        Tuscany / Florence / countryside 4/5 nights.
        Amalfi Coast 4 nights.
        Rome 3 nights.

        We have 25 days to play with so we are not set in stone yet, but working on the accomodations now and planning all the fun stuff.

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