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Smoky Brisket Chili

Did you ever try a recipe only to find the result disappointing?  Such is the case with Smoky Brisket Chili.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s good enough, just not up to Orange Bee standards. If you asked my man, Dan … Continue reading

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Company Pot Roast

Is this a holiday recipe?  No.  Are the holidays upon us?  Yes!  At this busy time of year we like to have intimate family dinners or simply invite another couple to share a meal around our table.  This one pot … Continue reading

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Smoky Beef & Chicken Ka-Bobs

Lately adoring hubby and I are experiencing the pre-empty nester syndrome.  With Miss T in her senior year of high school and being employed by the ever popular Starbucks, we don’t see much of her, especially at dinner time.  Dinnertime … Continue reading

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Late Lunch

Today was busy, busy.  My adoring husband and I were both doing chores at home that consumed the majority of our morning and trailed into the afternoon.  When we finally stopped and decided we needed food we settled on BBQ. … Continue reading

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Lucky #5

If you’ve been following my blog you might remember I mentioned I would be competing in the Central Market Chili & Cornbread Cook-Off yesterday afternoon.  My competition was not something to be sneezed at.  Oh no-o-o they were not.  It … Continue reading

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In The Name Of Love

Last night we followed our Valentines evening tradition and headed to Keller’s drive-in. As I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post it is an old timey drive-in complete with car-hops who still look like they did in the 80’s.   … Continue reading

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Chili Cook Off Madness

The headline says it all.  Today I am entering my first ever cook off of any kind and it’s a chili cook off.  Cook offs are not new to me although entering one is untried.  I’ve attended my share of … Continue reading

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It’s “Chili” In The Snow

It is freezing and windy outside, 32* to be exact.  The wind is blowing the snow in circles, around me, around the birds, around everything.  My eyes are watering so that I cannot focus.  I decided since snow is a … Continue reading

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Feasting on Peanut Butter, Chili & Peach Galette

The snow is coming down quite fast now.  Just as they predicted.  Enormous, fluffy flakes of pristine white snow.  Not at all normal for Texas but welcome all the same.  I especially enjoy it as the birds come out in … Continue reading

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