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Road Food

Salty, slippery goodness.  Check out Road Food – Apalachicola – East Point Oyster Bar.

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Peach-Hatch Salsa

If you can’t beat the heat- may as well join it!  That’s just what we did last weekend when we brought home bags full of fresh hatch chiles from Central Market.  We sampled so many food items with hatch chiles … Continue reading

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Figs on Friday

Every time I opened my refrigerator in the last couple of days, the bowl of remaining figs I’d purchased at the Sulphur Springs farmers market kept beckoning to me.  I didn’t want to allow them to go bad but hadn’t … Continue reading

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Honey Fruit Dip

Staring at all this fresh, pure, local, and I do mean local, amber-colored, delectable honey sitting on my dining table for the last week inspired me to find a recipe that uses honey.  I wanted something simple so I decided … Continue reading

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Dippity Do

  Remember that stuff?  Dippity Do  If you do not remember it you are no doubt under 40 years old and a young ‘un.  I remember using Dippity Do on my hair back in the day, although I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

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Girly Gazpacho

The temps in Texas are ridiculously HOT!  Soaring upwards of 100* Fahrenheit.  Heat above 100 degrees in Texas is oppressive.  The wind is blowing, again….but it is not helpful as it too, is HOT.  The only thing to be thankful … Continue reading

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It’s World Famous

It has been a busy, busy week around The Orange Bee.  This weekend will also be a whirlwind, beginning with tonight’s early birthday celebration for Miss T.   Seventeen, 17, oh my gosh she will be turning 17 in a … Continue reading

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Easter Bees

Yesterday started off as any other Easter sunday, drinking coffee and getting dressed up for church.  I’m a little sad to say that there are no excited kiddos bouncing out of bed like bunnies, ready to hunt for eggs at … Continue reading

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Tag – You’re It!

Happy Earth Day my friends!  Today is a warm, seriously windy, sunny with scattered clouds day here at The Orange Bee.  I only have a short time to blog today and I was so happy when my friend Lin Ann … Continue reading

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We Got Pretzeled

On Saturday Miss T was, of course,  not in school and we needed something fun to do – at home.  Remember, I was waiting for a day to spend at home from last weekend.  This weekend turned out head and … Continue reading

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