Peach Honey

Here I am, day 2 of my new adventure.  This morning was drizzly, cool and windy, again not the most favorable weather for my bees.  I didn’t even walk out to the bee yard to check on them.  As a matter of fact they don’t need to be checked on everyday.

This afternoon however, the sun came out, it warmed up into the mid 70’s and the wind was still blowing.  I left school as quickly as possible and hurried home to go see what they were up to.  I’d noticed yesterday that the peach trees are blooming and I was curious to see if the bees had come out and found them.

You can imagine how pleased I was to find bees happily buzzing all around the peach trees in my yard as well as a tree in a neighbor’s yard.  I calmly watched as the worker bees dove head first into flower after flower, packing pollen into the sacks on their tiny back legs.  After observing this amazing task for a few minutes I walked out to the hive and was even more pleased to see bees loaded with pollen coming back to the hive as well as bees leaving the hive to forage and return with more pollen.  It is akin to watching planes take off and land at a busy airport.

Ahhhh, I can’t quit smiling.  My bees seem to have already gotten comfortable and know exactly where the hive and their queen reside.  So far so good!  I’m crossing my fingers for honey that tastes like peaches – it’s totally possible and if I am so lucky it is most delectable.

Unfortunately not long after I’d observed and photographed my bees a storm blew through.  I’ve read that bees can sense a storm brewing and will head back to the hive pronto.  Can you imagine a tiny bee being struck by a big raindrop?  It could be lethal and that would be sad but I know my girls all made it back safely and will be hitting the skies again tomorrow to stock up on more peach nectar for their sisters and queen.

Enjoy these photos of my girls !

Bee gathering pollen.

Note the golden sack on her back legs near her body - it's full of pollen!

Busy busy bee

8 Responses to Peach Honey

  1. Tiffany says:

    These pics are fantastic!! Those girls are gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Lin Ann says:

    Beautiful photos! She looks so happy in the peach blossom. I noticed that pollen sack right away. Congratulations!

  3. Nancy says:

    Bees look GREAT. What a wonderful store of pollen you’ve provided!

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