Movin’ On Up

Mr. Floyd called yesterday afternoon and brought another box of bees.  These bees had been captured earlier in the day and they were brought to me without a queen.  For bees to survive and prosper it is imperative that they have a queen.  This hive had been built between a glass window and a sheet of plywood at a hospital.  The plywood was removed and the queen was found but taken by the person carrying out the bee removal.  There were so many bees some were put into a box on their own natural comb and brought to me.  The hope is that after another day or two they will start to recognize my queen as their own and move on in.  If they choose to follow my queen my bee colony just grew by possibly another 1000 bees.

My hive grew from 2 stories to 3 stories and I’m thrilled. These bees are gentle and calm. While working with them, believe me there was an abundance of bees, they never once seemed annoyed with their circumstances.  Many of these “orphan” bees remained in the box but quite a few escaped and are still outside the box.  When, and I say when because I am a positive thinker, they realize my queen is now their queen they will go on in and become part of the existing sisterhood.

Early this morning the bees that are still outside were clustered together outside the hive trying to keep warm.  Later this afternoon when it warmed up I went out, in my bee suit, and there were many bees buzzing around.  Mr. Floyd threw a couple of pieces of natural comb on the ground next to the hive.  Many of the bees are busy working on it just as they would if it were in the hive.

Bees on honey comb - note the cells full of honey on the left side of comb


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work and the new bees will catch on and move in.  Stay tuned.

4 Responses to Movin’ On Up

  1. Lin Ann says:

    Hope it works out! Keep us posted.

  2. Ray Goure says:


    Is this how you grow the hive or would/will the hive grow naturally organically?

    Does Mr. Floyd think the new Bees will stick around?

    Will Mr. Floyd take me hog hunting when I’m there next?

    Tell Dan the cigars were Gispert, Churchills

    Think that’s it,

    • If a maintained hive becomes too populated – the colony will split on it’s own and half will move somewhere else. Probably how these bees ended up between glass and plywood. That is also how they end up in trees, campers, walls, attics, etc. Mr. Floyd hopes the bees stick around – as do I. Mr. Floyd does not hog hunt but I know the guy who does. His kid was in my mom’s day out class. When you come next I’ll call and ask him. Got the cigar note and that’s it. Thanks for reading my blog! Maybe I’ll have a jar of honey to bring to Ouray.

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