Bees & Honey

This chilly, windy, January afternoon I met with my bee man.  We were choosing the best location for my darling honey bees to make their home.  In Texas we say, “if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes”.  January has been mild so far but on the weekend we are supposed to be hit with an arctic blast, dropping temps into the teens at night with highs hovering around freezing during the day.  NOT a fair time to move bees into their new surroundings.

I’m ok with that….I must prepare a “bee yard”, or as Miss T called it a “bee zone”.  Thinking I will wait until this arctic blast passes through and then prepare a place.

My bees will be delivered in March.  Just in the nick of time to start buzzing around and pollinating all the dandelions on the 4 acres they will inhabit.  I am praying for happy, healthy bees!

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to Bees & Honey

  1. I suppose it’s not for everyone. Did you see the pictures under Bee School 101? They are so little and cute – romantic – depends who’s in the bee yard with you!

  2. rhonda Adams says:

    you are brave! I love the romantic idea of honey bees…but I am afraid of them and run the other way.

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