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The Orange Bee is undergoing a change – for the better.  January will bring the beginning of my fifth year of blogging.  My time flies!  I continue to enjoy blogging and never tire of trying new recipes in my kitchen.  You will notice a bit of an absence as I am at the limit of new photos I can add.  I don’t find looking at a cookbook without any photos to be  much fun and I feel the same about reading a recipe on a blog without a mouth-watering photo to gaze at.  Please pardon the lapse.

The new look will be self-hosted (for those of you who blog – you know what this means) and allow for unlimited photos and slide shows.  I’ll be sharing my newest bee adventures and of course recipes.  You’ll notice oodles of recipes for empty nesters, left overs and tips for preparing and cooking food for two.  Of course I’ll continue to cook with honey and talk a bit about what we all can do to save bees.

The process takes time and patience.  I am so excited to share the new look with you, so come back soon to see the new and improved Orange Bee!  Meanwhile I’d like to share a few favorite recipes from Augusts’ past.


Here is a great way to use up the end of summer tomatoes we all love.  Heirloom Tomatoes




Harvesting Hatch chilies takes place in August.  I’m expecting a shipment to arrive here in North Carolina today, thanks to the great folks at Central Market, Ft. Worth.  This salsa is a great way to use the chilies as well as juicy summer peaches!
Harvesting Green Chiles in the Hatch Valley



If you have a bushel of fresh picked blackberries this is one delicious pie!  (no more room for a photo but trust me and click on the link)

With the kiddos headed back to school these Monster Cookies would make a yummy treat tucked in their lunch boxes or after school with an ice-cold glass of milk.  Sweet!  Again, click on the link – it’s a cookie, it’s fantastic!


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3 Responses to The Orange Bee

  1. Karen says:

    I know what you mean out how important photos are. I’m not self hosted but each year I just have my account upgraded for photos…that way I’ve never come close to running out. I’ll look forward to your new look…good luck.

    • Karen, Yes I did that too – upgraded for more photo space. Now that I am going self-hosted I didn’t renew it this time so I’m out of room. My new and improved site should be up really soon. I miss blogging and hope that I made a good decision to change my style. am hoping to make a bit of extra fun money by going self hosted. Did you get totally moved and settled in?

      • Karen says:

        We are totally out of the cottage in Maine but I still have boxes in our barn. It has been a hectic summer but I need to accomplish it before winter snows arrive.
        I’m not techie or I would have probably gone to a self hosted sight as well. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to when you are up and running. 😀

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