Friday Fun Facts – Killing Bees In Your Own Garden

Indian Blankets - food for bees

Do you know that those beautiful, colorful flowers you are bringing home from your local nursery or big box store could be killing bees that might venture into your yard or garden at an alarming rate?  Much research has been done lately regarding a class of agricultural pesticide named neonicotinoids and the general consensus is that it is killing our precious bees at a very fast pace.  This nasty poison is hiding in seed packets and flowering plants that are readily available for you and me to pick up at our local nursery, garden center or big box store.

I found an interesting article here which will enlighten you to how you can prevent bringing home poison to our very important bees.  I urge you to read this bit of news and do your part to help save the bees!  Just remember every third bite of food you eat will be pollinated by a bee.  Ban neonic pesticides!


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1 Response to Friday Fun Facts – Killing Bees In Your Own Garden

  1. haymac2art says:

    Lynn told me about this. Awful but good to know for the future when buying plants. Thanks for these facts, Linda

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