Friday Fun Fact – Bee Venom Therapy

Bee Sting

Most people I know are a bit afraid of bee stings even if not fearful of bees.  As a beekeeper I’ve been stung only 3 times and always while not wearing my beekeeper gear.  I don’t enjoy being stung but am not particularly panicky about a bee sting.

For centuries bee venom has been used to treat arthritis.  Medicinal writings of Hippocrates (c.460-359 BC), Pliny the Elder (c. AD 77) and Galen (c. AD 148) refer to the use of bee stings for this purpose.  In modern-day bee venom therapy the venom should be administered by professional therapists.  Bee Venom therapy is administered in two ways; first using a direct sting, not my first choice, and secondly taking an injection of venom extract.

Before trying venom therapy patients should be tested for allergic reactions.  Allergic reaction to a bee sting can range from mild irritation and swelling to an anaphylactic shock, which without urgent treatment can result in death.

There is need for more research in the area of venom therapy, however bee stings are thought to also help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, tendonitis and fibromyalgia.

I’ll leave the decision to you – to be stung or not to be stung.  I do have faith in the health benefits of honey and really, I don’t have doubts that venom therapy works.  If you have tried this and had success or not please let me know.  I would appreciate some info from “real life” experience in this area.



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2 Responses to Friday Fun Fact – Bee Venom Therapy

  1. Karen says:

    I’m not fearful of bees and they are very important to our orchard but I’m always cautious when they are flying around me. Unfortunately, a good friend of ours died from anaphylactic shock from a bee sting.

    • Oh Karen – that is sad news of your friend. Yes caution should be exercised when bees are around yet swatting and screaming only excites them and could cause stings. I’m sure you know your manners when they are around! 😉

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