Friday Fun Facts – Bee Hives & Restaurants

Bees on honey

Local, sustainable, seasonal.   Buzz words in the food industry.  For quite some time hotel and restaurant chefs have been growing their own herbs and veggies and now the newest rage – Honey Bee Hives!  Yes, yes, yes, I love this!  I’ve known about these rooftop hives for quite some time and in fact am working with a North Carolina establishment to add hives to their Greensboro restaurant allowing them to incorporate their own honey into their recipes.  I’ll keep you posted as we progress.  Do you know of or have you visited any of these hotels or restaurants where owing and managing hives is happening?

Here is a link to an article about several hip hotels who are managing their own honey bee hives.  Check it out to see if there is one near you!  This article speaks of companies scattered about the U.S. as well as one in Germany and one in our neighbor to the north, Canada.  You can bet I’m happy to support any one who chooses to raise their own hives and harvest the honey for use in their food and beverages.

I’m interested to know of more locations doing this so please share with me if you’re privy to other hotels or restaurants keeping bees.  I’ll be making a list and paying a visit to as many as possible.



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One Response to Friday Fun Facts – Bee Hives & Restaurants

  1. says:

    Hi LInda,
    I hope you got my first message about the bees returning to Rincon Way in Dallas. I am hoping you can connect me to another bee keeper who will come rescue these bees as you did in 2011.

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