Friday Fun Fact – Cuts & Scrapes


Honey has been known for it’s healing benefits for thousands of years.  Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans used it and in recent years it’s medicinal value has been confirmed as research demonstrates that the enzymes in honey do indeed have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Honey absorbs moisture and discourages the growth of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms around a cut, scrape or wound.  Think of it as a natural form of Neosporin.

To treat minor cuts, scrapes, or burns clean the area thoroughly with soap and water and dry completely.  For scrapes or burns cover the area with raw honey and cover with a clean dressing.  This can be repeated twice a day as necessary, unit completely healed.  For a cut, after washing, spread a bit of honey on clean dressing and apply this to the cut.  Change the dressing two to three times a day.  Cover scalds or burns directly with honey to prevent blisters.

Please note: These remedies are for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  Always seek proper medical attention for any serious issue.

Monday’s post is a citrusy and spring-like recipe for Honey Tangerine Glaze.


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