Without Bees

Without Bees

I have a hunch many of you have seen this or a similar list of the foods we would not find available if we didn’t have bees.  I couldn’t help posting it for those of you haven’t seen it or who need a reminder.  When discussing bees and what they pollinate,  how they are truly vital to the food we find readily available, I am usually met with that “deer in the headlights” look.  We take for granted that these foods will continue to be readily available and find it hard to believe that if bees are not protected and nurtured we will start to see a decline in the offerings, particularly in the produce section of our local grocery store.

I don’t know about you but I’d be miserable without the joy of biting into summers first ripe peach, the nectar dripping down my chin.  I’d miss creamy and versatile avocados, dressing my tacos, salads and sandwiches.  Without a stalk of crisp, crunchy celery what would I stir my bloody mary with?  No steamy hot, cocoa in front of the fire, or chocolate anything for that matter.  What would I eat with my black-eyed peas on New Years to bring not only luck but good monetary fortune too, without a fresh, ruffly head of cabbage?  Coffee, well that’s a huge one.  No waking up to the aroma of a freshly brewed, pot of joe inviting me to crawl out from under the warm covers of the night.  If there was no broccoli, I have no idea which green vegetable I would feed to Miss T, broccoli is her favorite, well truthfully it’s the only green veggie she will eat.  OMG, I just realized grapes are on the list…..NO wine. Ok that’s it!  I”ll stop there.  I would be unhappy beyond belief if I couldn’t sip on a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or savor a deep red Cab or toast with a flute full of bubbly.

Do your part.  Support local, organic farmers.  Do not use pesticides and do not support those who do.  Become informed and knowledgeable about how you can help.  Heck, become a bee keeper.  It’s the most rewarding, engaging and pleasurable hobby I’ve ever taken up.

My next post will feature Chewy Nutty Honey Bars.  Delicious and healthy.


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7 Responses to Without Bees

  1. haymac2art says:

    Just wrote down the ingredients and will make these tomorrow. Never heard of whole-wheat berry flakes but I’ll ask someone at the grocery store if I can’t find it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, that is sobering! I don’t see many honey bees around here anymore, but my sister is talking about getting some. I think I’ll send her this. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, yes do send this to your sister. I’ll be posting more informative facts about the importance of bees – maybe she wants to read the “Bees & Honey” section on The Orange Bee – it might convince her to go for it! Thanks for stopping by.

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