Giacomo’s Review ****

Giacomo's Greensboro

Giacomo’s!  Ah…where do I begin?  This little gem of a restaurant/deli and market has become one of our local favorites.  Here is link to an article in North Carolina’s “Our State” magazine about the owner, Giacomo and how he came to own this genuine Italian deli.

My man Dan discovered it first when a co-worker mentioned it to him.  It didn’t take him long to find the frozen section where fresh made and frozen meat or vegetarian lasagna, lemony chicken picatta, cheesy manicotti, and such make it easy for a guy doing the “bachelor” thing to have a delicious hot dinner.  I now find myself picking up at least one every time I make a run to Giac’s.

On my birthday visit to Greensboro, back in the fall, we went to Giacomo’s to pick up all the goodies for a picnic lunch in the mountains.  After seeing all I had to choose from it was more like a picnic feast!  It’s a pleasure to peruse the long case filled with wedges of savory Parmesan, rounds of Provolone, crumbly Asagio, soft and mild Fontina to name a few of the cheeses available.  Giacomos also carries a large assortment of meats, spicy Salami, sweet and hot Soppresatta, marbled Capicola, hot, spicy or sweet tubes of Pepperoni and Miss T’s favorite, thinly sliced, salty Proscuitto.  A second case holds a bevy of olives displayed in shallow bowls.  Choices range from black to red to green to purple, stuffed, in oil or in brine.  This case also tempts me with roasted red peppers, (the ones that don’t give me indigestion!), marinated mushrooms, tomato salad, pasta salad and the one store staple that is hardest to pass up, fresh mozzarella, made daily.
Giacomos_55Behind the counter are large black boards listing fresh made sandwiches to go or eat in.  Hot meatball subs, fresh-baked rolls generously filled with handmade meatballs,doused in thick tomato sauce and topped with melted mozzarella are one of our favs.  Speaking of meatballs the last case near the register holds amazing handmade sausages, meatballs, veal and chicken, pounded thin so you can make your own veal or chicken Picatta.  I always drool over the sheets of fresh made pasta, stacked in neat squares ready to be cut to order.  A couple of different loaves of bread made fresh daily line the top of this case and they pull me in; fresh and aromatic, lightly dusted with flour from the bread board.

Friendly staff and interesting customers make this authentic Italian deli a must if you find yourself in Greensboro.  Oh…did I mention the amazing, fantastic, delicious food?  If you won’t find yourself in N.C. any time soon go here to order from Giacomo’s mail-order company, San Guiseppe Salami Company.
Giacomo’s Rating
**** 4 Stars

My next post will feature Honey- Ginger-Basil Vinaigrette.


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2 Responses to Giacomo’s Review ****

  1. haymac2art says:

    That’s our kind of place, Linda! I bookmarked the mail-order site. Thanks for sharing this. Take me when I visit you!

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