Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Not too long ago my adoring husband went for his annual physical exam.  He’s a pretty healthy guy and was surprised when his doctor notified him that his vitamin D was on the low side.  We eat plenty of the foods known to provide vitamin D and he is out doors often, which should allow him to soak up enough sun to prevent a low-level of vitamin D. We were both a bit puzzled but got busy finding out exactly how he could pump up his vitamin D intake.

One thing I discovered is that if you have a desk job and are confined to the indoors you may not be getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun.  Also if you live in the northern regions of the U.S. you may be deprived of the sun.  A mere 5 to 10 minutes of sun exposure generates enough vitamin D for most people.  Our bodies can actually create a certain kind of vitamin D through sun exposure.  Of course we are all acutely aware of the need for sunscreen which may be blocking the sun and preventing the absorption we need, and then there is that small issue of wearing clothes while outdoors.

Vitamin D is vital to bone health and may support immune function helping prevent certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and get this, the common cold!   According to Walter Willett a researcher for the Harvard School of Public Health most adults should get 2000 IU’s daily.  A healthy diet can get you off to a good start however supplements may be necessary to get all the IU’s we need in a day.  For instance a cup of milk has a little over 100 IU’s and a serving of sardines about 50IU’s.

Most of the foods or beverages listed below are on our regular diet here at The Orange Bee. I admit, sardines aren’t at the top of the list, well actually they are not on our list.  Still we drink milk, eat eggs and salmon and my man Dan drinks orange juice daily.  We are outdoors frequently which should give that boost from the natural sunlight, yet his levels are low.  This seems to be a widespread issue but one that is easily remedied.  Enjoy the foods below and take a supplement too if you suspect your vitamin D level to be low.  Some signs to look for are lethargy, muscle aches and pains, bone fractures from small stresses, and clumsiness.

Eat well, live well and come back soon!

milk sardines egg orange-juice-hi salmon-drawing sun1 vitaminTry to get daily servings of any of these; milk, orange juice, sardines, salmon or eggs.  A short dose of sunshine daily is good not only for vitamin D absorption but can surely cheer you up at the same time.  If all else fails take a vitamin supplement to insure YOU are getting your daily dose of this essential vitamin!  Dan, did you read that?

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12 Responses to Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

  1. Karen says:

    I take a supplement every day even though I am usually outdoors a lot.

  2. rhondakraft says:

    Hey there. Vitamin D is something I actually know a bit about. 🙂 Our supplement is pure, effective AND very well priced. Remember, free membership through July 31st with ANY purchase.
    By the way, I’m taking your honey to our Food Education class tomorrow as a part of our “what IS food” display. You never know how you are going to touch someone’s life until you share their honey.

  3. I have a desk job and most days I don’t even see the sun.

    Eating sardines for vitamin D content sounds like a test for even as someone who love sardines. After 40 servings of sardines, I would have enough vitamin D for one day. Sounds like a lot of sardines! I think 5-10 minutes in the sun is much easier.

  4. I’ve read about vitamin D deficiency increasing as more and more people spend time indoors at their computers, or wear clothing to protect them from the sun or sun creams with a very high factor all of which actually block the sun. I hope your husband is able to balance it all out.

    • Exactly – we’re all covered up and slathered in sunscreen. Just 5-10 minutes is all we need. AND for those folks who spend all their time indoors in front of their TV or computer screen – shame on them…they are missing a big beautiful world outdoors!

  5. Truly a great tip. I’m heading out the door right now for today’s dose…since we actually have some sun today, LOL.

  6. Sondra says:

    Great information!

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