Farmers Market Fare

Farmers Market Bounty

One of my favorite events that takes place in the summer is the farmers market on the square in downtown Rockwall, Texas.  It’s small but growing each year.  I manage the gourmet kitchen store on the square, so every Saturday morning I venture over to see what the farmers have for sale. 

I am always entertained by the dogs with their big brown eyes, droopy ears and wagging tails looking for their “forever” homes.  I’m drawn to the bread baker with his chocolate croissants, almond croissants and amazing Meyer lemon bread.  I make a point to visit the long-haired hippie couple at their small table loaded with organic kale, arugula and mizuna, a Japanese vegetable of the mustard family which I’ve discovered I truly enjoy.  The two jolly ladies in their chef’s hats peddling their fresh made pastas, with delicious flavors like sun-dried tomato and Portobello mushroom.  The lively “Texas” music played by locals, their music wafting throughout the square.  I hear harmonicas, guitars, and fiddles and often glimpse some toe tappin’ going on.  Of course there are the usual suspects, fresh picked, juicy tomatoes, ripe melons, vibrant strawberries and plump blackberries, bright yellow summer squash, baby beets, tiny purple eggplants, forest green zucchini, okra pods, colorful peppers, crisp corn on the cob, fresh herbs, their aromas drawing me in and last but not least fuzzy, succulent peaches.  The “bee charmer” is always present, but as you can imagine I don’t stop there.

I find it a glorious way to spend a Saturday morning and the bounty that is laid before me entices me to support my local farmers, carry home bags full of locally grown produce and prepare fresh, healthy meals. This market will continue through September.  I only wish that it carried on through the fall with all those wonderful autumn veggies and more bread, dogs and music.

Get out and pay a visit to your local Farmers Market.  Support your local farmers, eat healthy, seasonal and organic, (if possible).  Your body and the earth will thank you!
Farmers Market BountyEnjoy!

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6 Responses to Farmers Market Fare

  1. Karen says:

    Wonderful produce. The bounty in the farmers markets in Maine will be arriving slowly. The spring rains have slowed everything down.

  2. Sondra says:

    What fun! Beautiful description! It was like I was walking along with you!

  3. A veritable rainbow of delights. Looks delicious.

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