Crispy Kale Chips


Have you heard of these?  Kale chips.  A few weeks ago when I visited LuLu in Austin she offered a bowl of crispy kale chips for snacking.  Interestingly a few days later at a friend’s home on Lake Austin a bowl of crispy, crunchy kale chips was on the counter to munch with our afternoon cocktails.  After enjoying these little crunchy veggie chips I was hooked.

I’m warning you they are addictive and will disappear quickly. A  little chile powder or other seasonings would be a tasty addition.  I used Himalayan Pink Salt and fresh ground pepper with parmesan for a savory snack.  These crisp bites would make a wonderful addition to a bowl of soup or as a salad garnish.  Look for baby kale and be sure the leaves are dry for optimum crispness.  They are best eaten the same day, but will store in an airtight container for 1-2 days.

As if the taste and crunch isn’t enough to have you running to the grocery or garden to gather some of this curly, leafy green vegetable, kale is an amazing vegetable being recognized for its exceptional nutrient richness, health benefits, and delicious flavor.  Kale’s health benefits are primarily linked to the high concentration and excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K.  Give it a try, it’ll cure those cravings for salty, crunchy Cheetos and chips and you’ll reap the health benefits to boot!


Crispy Kale Chips

5 ounces small curly kale leaves
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. unprocessed salt, sea salt or Himalayan pink
fresh ground pepper to taste

Heat the oven to 275*F.  In a large bowl toss the leaves with oil, salt, pepper and parmesan.  Rub the leaves to coat well with the oil.  Spread in an even layer on one or two baking sheets and bake until the leaves are crisp.  Rotate pans half-way through the baking time of 30-35 minutes.  Remove leaves to a rack for cooling.  Store carefully in an air tight container.




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10 Responses to Crispy Kale Chips

  1. Kale chips are so popular but can you believe that I have never made them even though I cook kale a lot. I think I need to make some soon.

  2. LuLu says:

    Hey mom and readers,
    I also use Smoked Paprika and salt for smokey kale chips. Always make more than you think you should. Yummy!

  3. I made these last year and just made a small amount but I was surprised how light they were. I think I could eat a whole bale of kale via kale chips and not feel it.

    • Exactly! 5 ounces shrinks down to about 3 oz – not much in the way of calories….I love your bunny photos for Easter on FB – I wish people would realize when they buy a cute bunny this time of year they need to be committed. Your bunnies are too cute!

  4. sallybr says:

    I love those too! I used a spray can of oil the second time I made them and it worked well too.

    they ARE addictive indeed! 😉

  5. cecilia says:

    I have tried and can never get them right, but i desperately want to as i love crunchy food, I shall try your way asap!! thank you.. c

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