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I was delighted while perusing our crowded blogosphere when I came upon a blog named Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  I thoroughly enjoyed Celia’a post “In My Kitchen”.  When I got to the end I realized she was encouraging us to write a similar post based on what is in our kitchens.  After checking out a few of the other bloggers who jumped in I decided it would be a nice diversion today.  Celia, thanks for the entertaining idea and the invite to join the fun.

If you think this is something you’d enjoy run over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and read her instructions for doing so.  I had a blast deciding which items currently in my kitchen to share with you.  If you choose to accept this mission be sure and link back to The Orange Bee as I would love to see “What’s In Your Kitchen”.

Here goes:
In My Kitchen: is a slab of handmade cheese from Goldern, Switzerland.  Made by a family named Hoogler, who have been pasturing their cows high in the Swiss mountains for years during the summer and bringing them back down to the valley in winter.  Swiss cows are happy cows and their cheese is indescribably delicious.  A gift from my traveling friend, Carol.

Handmade Cheese from Switzerland

In My Kitchen: is a bottle of champagne. One never knows when an occasion to celebrate will arise.  I might just pop this cork when I open the aforementioned cheese, as the cheese is worthy of celebration.

For celebration occasion.

In My Kitchen: is a drawer full of Pomegranates.  My lovely neighbor from New Zealand, where two of my bee hives reside  has a very productive Pomegranate bush.  She is a generous, fun-loving woman who always brings me a bag full.  I add them to salads, yogurt and especially enjoy snacking on them.


In my kitchen: are Wellness and Olive Leaf capsules.  A natural way to fight off the seasons bugs that are so easily spread around.

Wellness Formula & Olive Leaf

In my kitchen: are spices from Africa.  Clove, Cinnamon. Chili, and Coriander, a gift from a dear friend who visited Africa recently.

African Spices

In my kitchen: “The Bee Keeper’s Bible”  A lovely book given to me by a childhood friend who I still enjoy hanging out with and talkin’ girl talk!  It is full of bee keeper information, recipes, and lovely illustrations as shown in the photo.

The Beekeeper’s Bible

Beautiful illustration of a beekeeper removing a swarm.

I hope to see some of you sharing what is: “In My Kitchen”.  Later in the week I plan to  post from my latest Central Market cooking class, Dessert With The Orange Bee.


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20 Responses to In My Kitchen

  1. I love the way the African spices are packaged, like a fish! And the beekeeper’s book looks interesting.

  2. Hello there, great to see you playing In My Kitchen, you have some wonderful things there!

  3. Glenda says:

    I love your Beekeeper’s Bible. I don’t even keep bees but love it:)

  4. Thanks for joining in and sharing your kitchen with us! Such exotic ingredients in your kitchen – love the handmade cheese, and the spices in a fish shape! And really, any day of the week is the right day for champagne! 😀

  5. Debbie says:

    In my kitchen is some onion marmalade that I finally got around to making. It is delish. Also, some homemade sour cream rolls left over from yesterday.

  6. vmoses says:

    I went to the Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for instructions, but where are they? Can you help your BFF?

  7. Isn’t Celia’s blog fab! The cheese sounds delicious and reminds me of last winter in the alps….:)

    • Surely you enjoyed some of this type of cheese while in the alps. It’s amazing! I’m afraid to open it as I know it will go fast. I might just need a little jaunt over to the alps!

  8. Sondra Hay says:

    Just one more reason I love you so much: You always have BUBBLY!

  9. Kelley Butler says:

    1) I always have honey in my kitchen. So many good uses from such a wonderful food. 2) i like to have a medium-course ground pepper to sprinkle on food after cooking. Another favorite is to have a nice bottle of Pinot Noir on hand so a girlfriend and I can share and giggle.

    • Pinot Noir is a favorite of mine too – especially to share and giggle. Pepper – YES! Honey is a steady staple in my kitchen. It’s easy for me to get. 🙂 Thanks for your comment – I enjoyed reading what’s important for you.

  10. Kristy says:

    Very cool book! And I love that you keep a bottle of bubbly on hand. Here’s to having a moment worthy of popping that cork!

    • Sometimes even the smallest event is reason to pop the cork – don’t you think? This is a fun post to participate in – no cooking involved! Hope you’ll do it too. You could start with your kiddos – they are a constant in your kitchen – that is such a blessing!

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