What The French Toast!

In an effort to please Miss T, who will depart for college soon enough, I’ve been making some of her favorite dishes.  French toast is not one of them, but spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread is.

Friday evening I presented her with a steaming bowl of homemade meatballs and spaghetti complete with a side of garlic bread.  My family doesn’t overindulge in bread so Saturday morning I discovered half a loaf, without the garlic, sitting on the kitchen counter.  It was screaming to me, “French toast!” I gladly obliged.

As I often do, I made use of what was on hand.  You all know the ingredients for French toast, eggs, milk, vanilla.  Oh, and day old bread!  I also had on hand some homemade apple pie filling that I stewed over a low heat for about 20 minutes until the apples were tender and the fragrance was causing our tummies to growl.  I spooned the cinnamony, (is that a word?) apples on the side and I am here to tell you this was a delicious breakfast.  Thick bread, soaked and griddled, until the edges are crisp and the center still soft, sprinkled simply with powdered sugar.

French Toast a’la The Orange Bee

2 eggs, beaten
1 cup organic, low-fat milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
a dash of salt
8 slices of day old bread

Beat the egg in a shallow dish or pie plate until well mixed with a fork. Add milk and stir together, add vanilla and beat by hand until mixed.  Heat a non-stick griddle until hot.  Melt the butter onto the griddle.   Soak each piece of bread until soaked thoroughly but not falling apart.  Place soaked bread onto hot griddle and flip when browned and slightly crisp around the edges. Serve immediately.

Serve with homemade apple, cherry, berry or apricot pie filling
Serve with fresh fruit and powdered sugar
Serve with warm maple syrup or honey



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5 Responses to What The French Toast!

  1. Yum! We always make french toast at home. It’s much easier than pancakes. I never really have pasta with bread as I find it too filling, but they do taste like they should go together.

  2. Sondra says:

    Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t made French Toast in years! I think I’ll just correct that right now!

  3. Kristy says:

    Delicious! You know we love our French toast! 🙂

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