Give Us This Day Our Daily Breakfast

My Daily Breakfast

This is my breakfast.  I eat yogurt topped with a combination of fruit, honey and often times granola, most days of the week.  Not that I think it necessary for you to be enlightened to my breakfast choices, but fruit is an ongoing theme this summer and today it seemed effortless to photograph and then eat it!

Today we are busy around The Orange Bee, in an effort to beat this exhausting heat, we are preparing to head out-of-town, to the cool mountain air of Colorado and later the artist colony of Santa Fé, New Mexico. This will be our last big trip of the summer and the last for an indefinite time with Miss T.  She’ll be heading off to university next month and my man Dan and I will be empty nesters.  My emotions mixed, my feelings muddled, life has many roads with twists, turns and switchbacks, what will this road bring?

You can make this for your breakfast – it’s so simple.

Plain Greek yogurt
Any combination of fruit
Pure Honey – to drizzle or pour on top
Granola (Sometimes)

Place yogurt in a bowl, top with fruit, honey and granola.

P.S. –  thank heavens for our pet sitter who will continue to brave the heat to feed Fancy, romp with the dogs, and scratch behind the ears of all 3 cats!  The bees?  They are so smart, no need to worry about them, but I will be anxious to see if there is enough honey for a second harvest when we return.

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5 Responses to Give Us This Day Our Daily Breakfast

  1. cecilia g says:

    imagine if you got a second harvest, i am very close to my first, the honey was still uncapped a week ago, I went to sante fe once and loved it, but isn;t it hot there too? have a lovely time.. c

    • Hi C….I can’t imagine a second harvest and will always err on the safe side. OUr winters are so unpredictable – one year warm the next we could have a foot of snow and very cold temps. I’d never want to short them their winter stores. Can’t wait to hear all about your harvest. Santa Fe is warm – Texas is having 100+ temps – it doesn’t have to be much cooler to feel some relief. Why are y’all having such hot weather – I wonder? Stay cool ! I’m ready to head out!

  2. Karen says:

    Enjoy your trip as much as I enjoyed your nice photo.

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