A Sweet Sticky Suggestion

Pure honey drizzled on Israel Melon…sweet and juicy

I began this month thinking that I would post recipes using fresh local fruits and vegetables from my area.  It seems as though I’m stuck on the fruits.  I’m drawn to the sweet, juiciness of summer melons, peaches, and berries.  The scent of a ripe strawberry, peach or melon entices me to load ’em up and bring ’em home.  My adoring hubby and I stopped at our local produce stand on Saturday hoping to load the car full of fresh picked produce but alas the guy had a few tomatoes, onions, and farm fresh hen eggs. On a side table there were a couple of what appeared to be over ripe melons.  I don’t think I did a very good job of hiding my disappointment. The farmer picked up on this and appealed to me by offering a free Israeli melon, promising me I’d be hooked.  I purchased a dozen eggs, a couple of big, fat, ripe tomatoes to serve with our elk burgers that night, and carried my free melon to the car.

Israeli Melon                                                                                                                                               

I’ve heard of Israeli melons before but don’t recall having eaten one.  It sports a netted rind, much like a cantaloupe or muskmelon but the insides are pale in color, similar to a honeydew. When we arrived back home I brought the melon in and sliced it. On taking my first taste I learned the flavor is mild and slightly sweet.  The honey jar which always sits on my kitchen counter beckoned me to pick it up and drizzle honey over the melon.  Voila!  Now, I’m hooked.

Muskmelon – commonly referred to as cantaloupe

This isn’t really a recipe, more like a suggestion.  The sweet, sticky honey which offers fruity notes was the perfect complement to the mild and somewhat sweet melon.  I polished off two slices drizzled with my delicious honey.  So go out and find yourself an Israeli melon, a bottle of pure local honey and have a melon feast – you’ll be glad you did.


Sweet, sticky and delicious


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2 Responses to A Sweet Sticky Suggestion

  1. I’ve never thought to drizzle anything over melon before to change or improve it’s flavour. I prefer acidic fruits and now I wonder if a little squeeze of lemon and honey would work with a slice of melon?

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