Back From The BVI’s

Sailing the islands – Norman Island, The Caves and The Indians

Welcome! I have returned from my trip to the beautiful BVI’s. I wish I could say I missed you, blogging, laundry, litter box patrol, mowing the lawn and fighting the traffic jam at Wal-Mart but I can NOT truthfully say that. We had a marvelous journey and I can honestly announce that we relaxed and soaked up every second of every day. I’m posting a few photos below to entice you to get up and see the world.

On our first day home we welcomed out-of-town guests which prompted me to try out a few new recipes. Having our oldest daughter LuLu and her guy come for the weekend eased the pain of returning from vacation. We spent time visiting our local farmers market and peach orchard, caught up with conversation on the back porch and grilled every meal while watching our gorgeous Texas sunsets. Ahhh…there’s no place like home.

I’ll share some of the recipes from this weekend with you later in the week, so go ahead and view our island photos, make plans for your own vacation, we all need one, and I’ll see you soon.


Long Beach – Tortolla BVI

Long Beach

Cane Garden Bay – Tortolla

Devil’s Bay Beach – Virgin Gorda

Cane Garden Bay Beach at sunset

Sunset overlooking Jost van Dyke

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9 Responses to Back From The BVI’s

  1. Karen says:

    Every person dreams of paradise but the islands are not all that they seem when you live there on a day to day basis. Believe it or not, I was the sole owner of an export company that sold truck and heavy equipment parts to the V.I. government and WAPA (water and power authority). I enjoyed the experience but it is a part of my past that although successful, I do not miss.

    • Very impressive Karen! I have always imagined that living on an island full time would eventually become as tedious as living anywhere! Beauty is all around us – at home or in any destination…but I guess that’s why vacations are sooooo nice. Other than the blue blaze heat in Texas right now I’m happy to be here!

  2. Looks like a very relaxing, fun vacation. Great photos.

    • Thank you and it was.Now my adoring hubby has stored many more pics on my computer – may post more tomorrow. Hope all is well with y’all – it’s hotter than blue blazes here – ugh!

  3. Karen says:

    If you went to Jost van Dyke, did you go to Foxy’s? It is THE bar to go to for a rum cocktail. I used to have a business in St. Thomas and a condo there. I went to Jost van Dyke several times on a friends sailboat. Some of the most beautiful water and beaches in the world.

    • Hi Karen – Jost was my favorite beach! We were on White Beach so we were at the Soggy Dollar! It’s very popular too for rum drinks and their Roti’s were delicious! That is very interesting and cool that you owned a business in St. T….it is very tempting to want to move to the islands – isn’t it? I enjoyed every single second we were there!

      • Karen says:

        To have a business in the American Virgin Islands, if you are not an islander you have to have an islander as your partner. I had my St. Thomas lawyer be my partner…very trustworthy. Herman Wouk wrote a book called Don’t Stop The Carnival that my lawyer gave me. He said it was the only way I could understand doing business there.

      • This is even more interesting….if you don’t mind me asking what kind of business were you in? How long did you live there and do you miss it? I’m pretty sure my girls would be upset with us if we moved to the BVI’s – unless they could come too!

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