I Hate Chiggers

Well, I’m just going to start by saying a weekend away does wonders for the soul, relaxes the body, strengthens the bonds, and allows time for reflection.  My weekend away with the girls was marvelous.  What a superb and interesting group of women I spent my weekend with.

Each person brings their own unique talents, conversation and stories to the table…I could not have enjoyed it more.  Our hostess even had an aesthetician visit and give the most delightful facials, using ingredients like fresh papaya, honey, camomile and rosemary.  We were each treated to an entire hour of face cleansing, massaging and reinvigorating, and after, we all glowed and felt youthful and beautiful.  Thank you Melanie!

Today I want to share with you my newest hobby, raised bed gardening.  This is the part where the chiggers come in!  I hate them!!  They have managed to make their way up from our pastures to my garden area – I think.  I got some bites early last week when I ventured out to the pasture to see Fancy, our horse and check on the bees.  But Monday I only ventured to the back yard to water the garden and was riddled with chiggers in places I will not, cannot, and won’t mention.  UGH!

On April 7, I planted the first veggies in my garden.  My adoring hubby built me a raised bed garden in place of a little girls playhouse, far too unsafe to remain standing.  The playhouse had been in our back yard for about 16 years, long ago forgotten but enjoyed throughout my daughters childhood days.  It was cute and cool but time had taken its toll and so my man, Dan tore it down.  He’s so smart though, he kept one wall and window intact and used it to help designate my garden space.

I’ve planted tomatoes, Better Boy, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Celebrity and Juliette. Peppers, Jalapeño, Poblano Ancho, and New Mexico Big Jim’s.  Elan and Sequoia Strawberries, Beets, Redina Lettuce, Japanese Eggplant, and herbs.  The herbs growing in my garden are, Sweet Basil , Lemon Basil, Marjoram, Texas Tarragon, and Lemon Thyme.  I’m pretty excited about my garden and so far proud of its progress.  I bought a pack of lady bugs one day, to share with the kids at my school, but brought home a few hundred and turned them loose.  I’m hopeful they didn’t find many bugs to munch on but that they are close by in case we need an army to destroy the bad bugs.

Enjoy my photos below of the garden before it was complete, the garden finished, the first day of planting, and today.  I’ve added a few photos of flowers and bugs…some of the things I enjoy when I take a walk and come back with chigger bites!  I hate chiggers!!

About to be filled with “organic” soil.

“Girls Only” sign – hung on the play house for several years.

Playhouse wall – I think it’s perfect for my garden space!

April 7, 2012 – First day of planting

Lady Bugs on Lemon Basil

Meet our chocolate-brown horse “Fancy”. She’s about 30 years old! Chiggers don’t bother her.

Piggy back ride – Lady bugs on Sweet Basil

Fancy’s stompin’ grounds

The garden on May 1…I’m impressed.

The strawberry – herb end of the garden on May 1.

Who will get to eat the first strawberry?

I’ll be back soon with some delicious “vintage recipes”.  My theme for the month of May.


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8 Responses to I Hate Chiggers

  1. Kristy says:

    Fancy is just gorgeous! 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a chigger or gotten a chigger bite. I think I’m happy about that too from the sounds of it. Glad to hear the girls’ weekend was a success!

    • Chiggers – I hate them. You don’t want them and for sure don’t want your kids getting them. I don’t know where they live but I know they are in Texas. Our mild winter didn’t help freeze them off – unfortunately. Fancy is a good girl. As always nice of you to stop by!

  2. ceciliag says:

    I am with Claire, What are chiggers? will i get them? hopefully not in unmentionable places! I love your old horse.. 30 years OLD! Your garden is going to be lovely and i agree that old wall is perfect, it does double duty as a wind break too.. lovely to meet you.. thank you so much for popping over and introducing yourself.. c

    • So glad I did stop over – it’s always nice to meet another beekeeper! Chiggers are no see ‘ums that burrow into your skin and make bites like mosquito – they itch terribly and I hate them. Heard today that I can spread sulphur and it will cause them to move away! I’ll be doing that this weekend. They live in grass – mowed or not and they crawl into warm, moist places. You don’t want to know where! I know we have them in Texas but don’t know if they live elsewhere – cold winters probably would kill them off but our winter was mild so they’re baaack! Fancy – our old horse has lived here since 1993..she’s a good girl! SO happy we met – I’ll be around.

  3. What a fabulous garden you have created. But I adore the Grils Only sign!! Oh and I’ve never heard of chiggers before?

    • I know that sign is too cute – completely made by little girls! It’s been hanging for quite some time and I’m so happy to have it hanging at the garden. Chiggers are no see um’s, that get in any creased area of your body or area where elastic might be, backs of knees, belly buttons, along panty lines, etc…. not a pretty picture,and burrow into your skin, making a terribly itchy, red place. They can be suffocated with nail polish dabbed on or ChiggerX is the best medicine I’ve found to treat them. I hate ’em!

  4. I feel your pain. Those things are awful. Your garden is looking great though.

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