A Sweet Diversion

From time to time I’ve mentioned Ryan over at  http://www.ryanbakes.com/.  She did the nicest thing and invited me to write a “guest post” for her blog while she and her adoring hubby took a little trip to celebrate their anniversary.  I agreed immediately and am happy to see my post up on her site today.  Hopefully she is having a relaxing and worry free time on her travels.

Take a sec and zip over to read my post about “Mini Cheesecakes”, topped with fresh fruit, one, being orange.  While you’re there take a look at her delicious baked goods – you won’t be wasting your time!


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6 Responses to A Sweet Diversion

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  2. spicegirlfla says:

    These are adorable….I’ll need to check out your guest post!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks for a beautiful guest post. I can’t wait to make these mini cheesecakes for hubby and me!

    • Thank you for the great intro and for the opportunity! Hope NYC was all you’d hoped for. I got so many compliments on these little cakes when I shared them with co-workers. Mostly they are so cute!

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