Honey Harvest News

The Orange Bee's First Honey Harvest

Beautiful isn’t it?  I can say that because I didn’t make this stuff – my bees did!  I am so proud of my first honey harvest.  I’d like for you to read more about it and see more photos, taken by my man Dan.  Go to the “Bees & Honey” page up top and you’ll see “Honey Harvest” down a few lines, click and enjoy!

A short update on the girls.  I am still feeding Queen Elena’s hive but only every other evening.  They are consuming one quart every two days.  That is ok.  Everyone else seems to be doing fine.  Monday is the day I set aside to visit the bee yard, smoker in hand and inspect each hive for good or unhealthy conditions.  I am always thrilled when I spot a queen but seeing brand new babies, honey, and no pests let’s me know all is well in the apiary.

Tomorrow that is where you will find me.  As I inspect I will also be checking for frames full of capped honey.  When there are enough, the second honey harvest will take place. Believe me, this is one of the joys of my week.  The buzzing is calming to me, their approach to each day encourages me and the fruits of their labor inspire me.



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5 Responses to Honey Harvest News

  1. Just found your site and the “Lulu Bakes” shot is truly insane! That’s a compliment. I love the writing and the pics are cool.

  2. Lin Ann says:

    A beautiful sight indeed! I wish I could taste some. I miss you! Am back from vacation and hope to post soon. Your blog posts are truly amazing and inspiring!!!

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