Meet Nell

Meet Nell

Nell is the resident kitty at the Mt. Gainor Inn, a B & B in Dripping Springs, Texas, where I recently enjoyed a stay.  Mt. Gainor Inn is an early 20th century, German farmhouse sitting on 23 scenic hilltop acres in the gorgeous hill country.  It has been lovingly restored by hosts Jerry and Laurie Pinnix.  Not a detail has been overlooked.

It was “girls weekend”, a custom my sister-in-law and I started several years back.  This year we decided on a bed & breakfast experience and we picked the perfect one.  Leaving the traffic jammed highway, turning onto a peaceful, winding country road assures you, you are on the way to rest and relaxation.  The color returns to your knuckles as you weave past organic farms, babbling streams and wide open pasture land.

Arriving at the Inn we were greeted by Nell, right away.  As we approached the steps to the front porch she ambled over from her spot in the shade and greeted us with a squeaky, raspy “meow”.  I instantly knew this was gonna be good because having a friendly cat to stroke is unfailingly good for the soul.
Laurie came to greet us and show us our light filled, spacious room aptly named the Garden Room.  We entered through the inviting living room, filled with antiques, comfy seating, an old wooden ironing board displaying info on the surrounding area, a movie library, and perfectly polished old wood floors.  We immediately took note of the coolness of the rooms, a necessity in late June in Texas.  Halleluia for air conditioning!
After Laurie gave us the run down on the place we slipped into our swimsuits and hit the hot tub.  Now, I know sitting in a hot tub in the sizzling Texas heat sounds a little crazy but we were ready to relax and the sun was beginning to set, giving a reprieve from the scorcher of a day. A side door led from our suite to the hot tub along a pleasant pathway and view of the neighboring ranch.  This is also where we found a long, covered pergola with plenty of seating, hammocks to laze in and a perfect spot to watch the sunset.
Rosemary grows abundantly in the lovely beds right along with bright yellow wildflowers, morning-glory, and interesting objects.  An old rusty shopping cart, local rocks, a Texas plaque, and various statuary.

A glass of wine, a colorful cocktail or a cold Lone Star is the perfect accompaniment to the bubbling hot tub and vibrant sunset.
All the rooms in the Inn feature private entrances, decks, baths, TV’s with DVD’s and wireless Internet.  Each room has a comfy queen size bed complete with the softest, silkiest linens, making bed time something to look forward to.  We had wonderful views from our Garden Room, which opened to the living room, giving us the feel of having the entire house to ourselves.  The Hideaway, a smaller room at the back of the house featured a Cowboy bed, a whirlpool tub for two and a deck made private by a beautiful vine, covered in pink flowers.  The Attic Suite covers the top floor and is a 3 room sanctuary.  From here there are vast views of the hill country.

Around 9:00 each morning Laurie cooks and Jerry serves a delicious homemade breakfast, served with hot coffee or tea, and assorted juices.  On the first morning she brought out a yummy puff pastry filled with ham, peppers, cheese and eggs.  The next morning Laurie really outdid herself by setting up a waffle station under the shady pergola and preparing made to order waffles.  These were accompanied by peppered bacon, warm syrup, butter and fresh fruit.  Laurie’s breakfast is a wonderful start to the day and keeps you going until mid afternoon.  During our stay breakfast was served under the sheltered pergola while hummingbirds buzzed around and Jackrabbits played tag in the back pasture.
Being at Mt. Gainor felt like being away.  It was peaceful, clean, quiet, lovely, and relaxing.   I don’t know about you, but when I have a short weekend away those are the things I look for.  The Pinnixs’ have done a wonderful job of making their guests feel welcome by their friendliness, willingness to please, and their attention to detail, down to the personalized, comfy, waffle weave bathrobe provided for each guest.
 If you find yourself looking for a short or a lengthy get away, check out Mt Gainor Inn, you won’t be disappointed.  Tell Laurie and Jerry The Orange Bee sent ya’!  Heck, they even had bees foraging on site – talk about personal treatment.

Come back soon for a report on my first honey harvest.  Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend and I’ll hope to see you back early next week.




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8 Responses to Meet Nell

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  2. Sondra says:

    Next time you and Adoring Hubby go away to a wonderful spot, Ron and I will come stay at your house. Now THAT’S a retreat. Guess the grass is always greener……………..xoxox

  3. rhonda Adams says:

    this looks amazing! thanks for the great post, can’t wait to show D and plan our trip!

  4. Peggy says:

    On the run at the moment but am checking this out as soon as I return. LOVE the pics! I miss Mt. Gainor!

    • Peggy says:

      Fabulous! Just how I remembered it too. Hope you and hubby get to return and enjoy the additions. I’ll want to hear all about the newest changes. So glad we did this. Just time alone with you was worth every minute. (I’m still a little horse.) Can’t wait to read about honey!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Love all the photos. I guess as long as you have a cold drink, the hot tub in the Texas heat…. hmm, yeah, I still don’t know about that one!

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