Bees Are Not Boring

Queen Heidi

For an update on my bees check out the “Bees & Honey” page – All Hail The Queen – The Heidi Hive.  All week-long I’ve repeated the phrase, “welcome to bee keeping”.  I’m astonished at how much I’ve learned and the many different experiences I’ve had in such a short time.  Bees are not boring – nor is the keeper bored.  Everyday brings a new adventure or a fresh look at the many aspects of bees.  It is quite thrilling, stressful, thought-provoking, engaging, and enjoyable all at once.

I hope you are enjoying the ride along with me.  Thanks so much for reading along.  This Sunday I will be participating in a chili cook-off at Central Market.  Don’t fret, food is still the basis of The Orange Bee blog and there will be new recipes up soon, as well as a story about the chili cook-off.



About The Orange Bee

Food Blogger - Bee Keeper - Mom - Wife - Lover of Life
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4 Responses to Bees Are Not Boring

  1. Lin Ann says:

    Love the bee stories. And they’re important to food – we’d be without a lot of different foods if we didn’t have bees. Looking forward to hearing about your chili. Good luck!

  2. Vickie Moses says:

    Good luck Linda!

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