Dreamy Days

Orange Dreamsicle

With our warmer weather, windy March days, blossoms bursting out all over the place, birds nesting, and bees buzzing I’ve been dreamin’ of lazy summer days. Not that I wish to pass over spring – I do not!

Right now Miss T and I are on spring break from school.  It’s just the precursor to summer.  Spring break causes me to commence pondering those lazy summer days, when we stay outdoors until 10, taking delight in watching lightening bugs and being thankful for the coolness nighttime brings.  I reminiscence about days gone by with icy cold watermelon dripping down chins,  glasses of frozen margaritas sipped slowly while rocking in big chairs on the back porch, cool linen tops floating in the air, colorful flip flops showing off brightly painted toes.  The best part is the lazy days part, no alarm clocks jolting me out of bed, no rushing around to fill lunch boxes, no sitting through traffic, and staying up late watching all the movies we never managed to see with an early morning looming.

In the summer we often pull out the ole’ ice cream freezer and make a batch of homemade ice cream.  Banana nut, peach, plain vanilla, or strawberry.  I’m not quite ready for that just yet but I was in the mood for a frozen concoction.  I decided a smoothie would be a great way to enjoy spring.  Guess what?  Not only does it have honey as an ingredient but it is also an inviting orange color.  To me this sounded right up my alley.

Smoothies are so simple to throw together.  You can put just about anything in the blender jar with some ice and a little liquid, whir it around and voila a delicious, refreshing smoothie.  The thing I like about this smoothie is that the fruit is frozen therefore sidestepping the addition of ice, yielding plenty of fresh fruity flavors.


Orange Dreamsicle

1/2 cup low fat milk or soy milk
1 6 oz. carton low fat vanilla yogurt
1 11 oz. can mandarin oranges with juice
1/2 cup pineapple chunks
1-2 tbsp. honey

Lay oranges and pineapple chunks on baking sheet and freeze for about one hour. Place all ingredients in blender and process until smooth.
Makes 2 smoothies.

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2 Responses to Dreamy Days

  1. Lin Ann says:

    Sounds like summer to me. I look forward to those unscheduled warm lazy days too. Gorgeous drink, with all the goodies I love. Beautiful picture too!

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