Almost Ready

Ok, I know some of  you might be thinking, “does she know bees have stingers?”.  Yes, I do know that.  However, that small fact does not interrupt my excitement concerning the arrival of my bees.

The good news is; today the fence was painted by my adoring husband, we secured the fence panels to complete the “bee yard” and my bee man gave me a BIG jar of honey.  Life is good!

Luscious honey made by happy bees.

I baked bread today using honey, Mr. Floyd’s honey.  Said bread is whole wheat, oatmeal and honey – and I  declare it to be fantastic!  You can expect to see photos and find the recipe posted one day this week.  The Orange Bee family  has eaten half a loaf this afternoon and Mr. Floyd and his charming wife, Kathy ate 2 slices each, with butter, when I delivered a loaf to them.  The barter system is still in existence for those of us who grew up out in the country and still live in the same.  I gave a loaf of bread and in return Mr. Floyd gleefully gave a jar of honey.

I eagerly await the day I can give a jar of honey for a favor or nicety done to me.  If you live close to The Orange Bee you might want to remember that…. Coming soon, more delicious recipes, captivating photos and tidbits about bees.  Stay tuned…


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2 Responses to Almost Ready

  1. Lynn says:

    good luck with your bees. Nothing tastes better than your own honey from your own bees.

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