Modern Museum & Tex Mex

Yesterday began at 6 am.  This time of day is not my favorite.  I like it best when the alarm has a 7 in front of the other numbers, whether they are :00 or :20 or :45.  But yesterday it was 6:00 straight up. Miss T was required to be at her school by 6:45 a.m. to depart for an art competition.  We played the good parents and drove her through Starbucks, dropped her at school and went back to Starbucks for our own double shot of caffeine.  I can’t say that I have been in a Starbucks, or anywhere else for that matter, at that time of day in a long, long time. Today it was nice to sit with adoring hubby and sip hot, steamy coffee with milk.  Plus I needed that caffeine.

This was followed by picking up our budding artist at 9:30 and driving for an hour to allow her to join her English class in the cultural district of Ft. Worth for a visit to three different museums.  We arrived in the parking lot just as they were dispersing to the different museums and she jaunted off to join her peers.  We toured the Museum Of Modern Art, visited with the riveting English teacher and his better half and headed to chow down on some Tex Mex.

While observing the art I snapped a few photos, not so much of the art itself but of the architecture.  I am not a big fan of modern art but understand that I may learn something by visiting a museum full of it.  I do however, enjoy the modern form of architecture and this building delivered.

'Shadows" Museum of Modern Art Ft. Worth, Texas

While I did not shoot many photos of the art I did shoot one colorful, large painting which I was reminded of when we sat down to eat at one of the local Tex Mex cafes, by the colorful scene painted on their restaurant windows.  What a contrast!  One with sharp lines and bright colors, painted by a famous artist, hanging big and bold, the other having been painted by a person, not famous, not known to those of culture, but colorful and inviting.  What I liked about both is the use of brilliant color.

No recipes came out of my kitchen yesterday, no cooking at The Orange Bee, but a delightful day spent with my husband and my daughter.  Seeing her in her own element, with friends and teachers is quite a treat.  As you view my photos I hope they draw a smile to your face and bring some colorful joy into your day.  I have some delicious recipes in store for you over the next few days.  Stay tuned….


My favorite painting in the museum.


Painting on the window of "the Original" mexican restaurant, Ft. Worth, Texas.







Above is a photo of the painting hanging in the museum, and to the right is the window painting at the restaurant. There really is no comparison to these two works of art. What it did make me realize is how many forms of art we look at everyday,  some famous and others not.  Yesterday I enjoyed surveying the museum works and found equal pleasure in the small works of art outside of the museum walls as well.

Two additional art forms I noticed, this painting of olives in the museum and the nachos we snacked on at lunch.  The olive painting was cool and made me think of icy vodka martinis, being served on the deck of a beautiful yacht, drifting in azure waters as a golden sun sets on the horizon.  The nacho, full of gooey cheese and warm peppers carried my thoughts to a sandy beach, in the shade of a palapa, listening to the waves roll in, with an ice-cold beer in hand.  Each distinct and pleasurable.  Here are photos of the olive painting and the nacho. I mean, isn’t that what art is supposed to do for us- carry our thoughts, cause us to “think” beyond the ordinary, daily and possibly mundane events of our lives?

Martini anyone?

"The Original's" nacho

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