Gumbo Add-On

After I posted the gumbo recipe my Mom, who is quite familiar with the business of making gumbo called to say she wanted to clue me in on a change my Dad had made to his gumbo recipe, which had not been added to his book.  Here’s the story.  My Dad had a taste for” hot” or spicy foods whereas my Mom does not.  Just a hint of pepper can be too much for her delicate palate.  There were times when my Dad would add so much pepper to his gumbo that my Mom couldn’t even eat it.  That didn’t go over so well with Daddy but she simply could not choke it down.  In order to uphold peace in their home they came up with a method by which to add pepper where he would be proud of his gumbo and she could enjoy eating a bowl or two.

It is a simple addition to the recipe.  I will edit the original recipe and add the pepper amounts so that you too can have a mildly spicy, ever so slightly peppery pot of gumbo. It’s up to you to use the pepper additions or alter the heat and spice to your own taste. However you do it I’m hopeful that you will relish your bowl of gumbo as much as I.



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