S_ _ ER   _ _ _ L  _ _  _ _ _ _ _

The puzzle above is a “same name” puzzle, like a  “Wheel Of Fortune” puzzle.  Did you ever watch that show?   I do, some evenings.  It is the only program I can watch during dinner – the whole family gets into the challenge of guessing the puzzles and attempting to beat the contestants.  Someone always declares,” You should go on that show!”, to one of us in the room.  Depends on whose game is on that evening.  Somehow I think that actually being a contestant on the show would not work out the same as it does playing in the comfort of our own home.  None the less we enjoy it occasionally.  My preference is no television during dinner, but if we must,  I can do “Wheel”.

So here is what happened to me today.  I don’t think you are interested in my day-to-day comings and goings but today, maybe you are.  We came home from church ready to change into our comfy clothes and get busy cooking and shooting photos of gumbo. Well…our plans changed when the garage door would not open for us.  Frustrating, but no biggie!  Upon inspection we discovered the electricity was out.  YEP!  No power at The Orange Bee. Hmmmm….  No power,  no gumbo, and no reheating chili from last night for some lunch time sustenance.

We were able to change into our comfy clothes,  but we were starving so we went out for some “fast food”.  Yuck!  Miss T was thrilled to get chicken tenders and a Dr. Pepper at our local fried chicken joint.  Not at the top of my list by any means but adoring hubby and I ate some too and then we headed home to discover the power had been restored.

This may seem like an inconsequential occurrence and it was to a degree.  Gumbo, however is not a dish you can toss together in the blink of an eye.  I did manage to make a fabulous pot of gumbo.  I was not able to begin preparing the gumbo until mid-afternoon. My Dad would have told me I was “eat up with the dumb ass” to start a pot of gumbo at that time of day.  That was a phrase he used when he thought you weren’t being too keen but he loved you just the same.  Photos and the recipe will be posted tomorrow.   Meantime I challenge you to solve the “same name” puzzle and stay tuned…tomorrow the answer will be revealed in the post heading followed by the photos and recipe.

Remember I eagerly welcome all comments!  Please feel free to comment on your guess to the answer of my puzzle.

Stay tuned…

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