Compelled To Bake

Today was one of those glorious days.  Chilly, well actually downright cold this morning. A frosty 28* that evolved to a sunny 65* matchless day.  It reminds me why we all welcome “spring” when she blows in.  Meantime it is still January and we have a birthday to celebrate at The Orange Bee.

FYI:  The sweet potato pie is nearly demolished.  My craving for sweet potatoes has been fulfilled.  I’m still certain that any pie desiring a meringue topping should beg for marshmallow crème meringue.

This weekend I will be sharing a recipe for Italian Cream Cake.  My oldest daughter, LuLu, who will be turning twenty-something requested this for her birthday.  My girls have always been given the privilege of requesting the cake of their choice on their birthdays.  This tradition at times compels me to consider calling the bakery, ordering the chosen cake, throwing a few candles on it, turning the lights down low and singing “Happy Birthday” like there’s no tomorrow.  In spite of that thought passing through my head I unfailingly check for the needed ingredients, dig out the recipe and whip up whichever cake they have chosen.  This month “Italian Cream”.  I’m psyched, because what Mother would not want to honor her precious daughter on her birthday with a homemade cake, loaded with candles and sing “Happy Birthday” with sweet abandon? Can’t stop those birthdays so might as well enjoy them.

Stay tuned….

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