Gold Bars Bring Tears

If you’ve been following my blog you might have seen the post and recipe for “Gold Bars”. You may or may not have taken note that I gave recognition to a friend, Shelly Musselman for the recipe.  If you made “Gold Bars” I’m quite certain you discovered them to be sweet, gooey and delicious.  When Shelly’s kids were attending elementary and middle school she used to make “Gold Bars’, box them up and sell them or give them as gifts to teachers, for parties, sport clubs, etc…  She guarded the recipe as it had belonged to her mother and was special to her.  You can only imagine how fortunate I felt to be given the recipe!

Today I attended the memorial service for my incredible, fabulous, gorgeous, funny, kind, loving, insightful, smart, energetic friend – unlike any other.  Shelly was a unique human being – the consistent words uttered by those who knew her well or knew her briefly was that when you were with Shelly she made you feel as if you were the most important person to her in the entire world.  Shelly is the only woman I know who could get away with taking each of her slender hands, placing them on each of your cheeks and giving you a big smack right on the lips, and then saying, “I love you”.  Her eyes like fireworks, her smile superior to a million dollars.  “Why was it superior?”, you ask.  The encounter with Shelly totally left you  feeling like a million dollars and that impression cannot be obtained with any amount of money.

The service was informal, more like a party, an event.  Held in her incredible home with family and friends by the dozens.  Shelly surely orchestrated the weather from heaven as today was by far the most exceptional,warm, sunny, still day.  Friends gathered by the cozy fires indoors and out, beautiful music wafted through the house and patio, wine was poured, tears were shed, and we all were missing Shelly’s presence in body.  Her spirit still felt.

The whole reason I am writing this is…as we departed we were given a small pale green, Chinese take-out box.  I couldn’t imagine or guess what the contents would be.  My mind still foggy with why I had just visited her home…..As adoring husband, Miss T and I drove off  I asked, “what do you think is in this box?”.  They answered, “I don’t know”. Curiosity got me and I gently and cautiously opened the box.  Inside was burnished gold tissue paper, neatly folded. I slowly peeled back the paper to find two perfect, sweet, gooey, delicious Gold Bars.  Tears flowed….”thank you”, Shelly.  I will love and miss you always.

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2 Responses to Gold Bars Bring Tears

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  2. rhonda Adams says:

    your tribute, brought tears to my eyes, and inspired me to make this special recipe!

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