Feasting on Peanut Butter, Chili & Peach Galette

The snow is coming down quite fast now.  Just as they predicted.  Enormous, fluffy flakes of pristine white snow.  Not at all normal for Texas but welcome all the same.  I especially enjoy it as the birds come out in droves to feast at the feeders sprinkled about our yard.

I’ve been constantly watching out the windows and bundling up to go outside and make note of which birds are hungriest.  Orange crowned warbler, a tufted titmouse, a pair of cardinals, white crowned sparrows, juncos, Harris’s sparrow, song sparrows, lesser goldfinches, and Lincoln’s sparrow, the carolina chickadee, white winged and mourning dove have come in full force today to nibble at peanut butter, peanuts, dried cherries, thistle seed, and of course sunflower seeds.  I’m thrilled by the acrobatics of the warbler and the chickadee when picking bits of peanut butter from the pine cone feeder.  I  know they are grateful for the feast I provide them on a wintry day and I feel satisfaction.

My family will be feasting later this evening on Lew’s Lone Star Chili and Peach Galette. Not a likely combination but when my freezer went out last night I had a pie crust begging to be baked, as well as some peaches that had thawed a little too much.  Alas, Peach Galette!  A crackling, toasty fire and a good book will make the perfect end to my afternoon.


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